Case Study 3

Is One Of The Highly Sought After School Level Coaching Classes In Sion And Matunga Region. Established In 1991 They Are Known For Their Innovative Teaching Techniques Which Produce Outstanding Results. Students From 32 Schools Join this Institute

Conducting In Depth Market Research To Understand The Target Market , Structure The Offerings And Promote Them.

Positioning the Institute in the industry and Creating a Brand in the next 3 years.

Outsourcing End to End Marketing, Business Development & Administration

Changing trend of coaching class market.

Presence of big players with strong marketing back up in the vicinity.


Devising Ways In Which The Achievements Can Be Highlighted In an Effective Manner.

Changing Mode Of Communication / Promotions And Leaving Competitors Far Behind.

Increasing Penetration Within Students During Festivals.

Operations & Administration:

Activities That Can Motivate Students To Perform Better And Achieve Higher Goals.

Segregating Responsibilities Between Resources For The Three Divisions Of the Institute; Bringing In Better Control

4 batches got full in Sion and Matunga Branches within 5 days of the announcement of admissions.

Market research helped to design apt advertising message and promotional campaigns.

The teachers, Parents and students were extremely satisfied with the way in which advertising activities were undertaken