Educators understand education. Marketers understand marketing. We understand both and hence we can help you.

Our offerings help you better understand your customer, capitalize on your reputation to increase customer base through targeted advertising and communication besides freeing up your valuable time for focusing on your core competence.

Our in-depth study based on your historical data, operational data and stakeholder inputs helps you understand the consumer’s perception internal to your organization. We also help you realign your internal processes so as to optimize your resources, increase consumer satisfaction and reduce your costs. We transform your organization into a brand that is sought out by your existing consumers, who preach about it to their peers and associates. We believe that strengthening your roots internally helps you branch out externally by medium of ‘References’. Our research helps you to reach the core of Student Satisfaction, Parent Confidence, Faculty Loyalty and Alumni Encouragement.

Our market research helps you understand your customer better. We conduct exploratory research, focus group discussions, survey questionnaires and thorough data analysis to derive new insights about customers in your catchment area that spans from your internal base to the external prospects. These insights will help you understand latent customer expectations; catch emerging trends first, better define your target segment and differentiate yourself from the competition. We define a marketing campaign so as to strategize your day to day promotions and marketing activities, communicate with your niche audience and gradually transform your business into a brand.

With an intense competition in the education industry, there is an emerging need for the perfect value proposition at the right location. Our team of analysts understand the Industry trends and the opportunities that flourish. We conduct a thorough research on your organization, its history, processes, offerings, customer behaviour, competitor behaviour and other minute details related to the market. We devise a comprehensive territory plan that is usually spanned across two levels: 1) Expansion in existing Territory 2) Territory wide External Expansion.We further devise a‘Go to Market Strategy’ to help the clients go about achieving their goals.