Case Study 1

Pioneer in Delivering Commerce education in Mumbai, Western Suburbs for the past 14 yrs with two branches at Borivali East and Dahisar East. Courses: For all Academic Years & Examinations in/after Commerce, with a Student Strength of 1200 & Above.

The Overall Brand outlook and awareness was not that great.

95 percent of the crowd was from one particular religion

Market Growth, Expanding Target Focus to Upper Middle Class & Middle Class market

Expanding Target Focus to Brighter Students

Create a Brand and expanding to different locations

Outsource Marketing Wing to increase quality and reduce overheads

Retention of students

Targeting different sections of the market with the same offering.

Targeting Bright Students with higher percentage

Collating Historical Data and Setting up Internal Processes

Changing the overall ‘Branding & Designing’

The name was changed based on the External Research Feedback received from the Customers & Consumers, as it was perceived to be a “Maharashtrian” oriented class by the market where it was located. This was done so as to attract the Consumers from the other religions in the locality.

Promotional Techniques for External Students so as to attract the correct niche led to increased footfalls during admissions. At the same time, the number of ranker turnout was about 15-18 percent of the total admissions that actually took place. This eventually increased the tendency of the class to produce excellent results with these brighter students.

With 3 new prospective areas for the brand, the coaching class expansion took place with the right positioning for a particular area with 3 new branches in a short span of time.

Retention Techniques for Internal Students. The number of students moving from FYJC to SYJC Commerce and SYJC Commerce to FYB.Com was decreasing consistently over the years.

Streamlining Administration Process and Promote Active Life and Support Activities

Organizing Career Seminars & Scientific Test Based Counseling for Internal as well as external students.

Building an ‘Out of the Box’ Website that would collaborate Generic Audience, Alumni, Students, Parents and Faculty.

High Presence during Local Festivals to increase Brand Awareness

Increasing PULL Promotions in prospective areas

Strategic Tie-ups with Vendors and Other Classes

Organizing Alumni Events